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Swimming Etiquette

  1. Choose the right swimming lane
    Before entering the pool, look at the free lanes and choose the one where swimmers swim at the same pace as you.
  2. Wait for your turn
    Allow the swimmers to turn and push off before entering the pool.
  3. If the pace is not right, change the lane
    If the other swimmers are swimming faster or slower than you, consider switching lanes.
  4. Respect other swimmers’ space
    The beauty of recreational swimming lies in the different skill levels of the swimmers. Always respect the abilities of others and allow them enough personal space.
  5. Leave space when pushing off
    Do not swim right behind another swimmer. First, leave a good 5 to 10 meters of space for them. Also, don’t push off directly in front of a faster swimmer.
  6. Swim with the current
    Always follow the direction of other swimmers. It’s a bit like the rules of the road: swim on one side when you’re going down the lane and on the other side when you’re coming back.
  7. Give priority
    When taking a break, rest in the corner of the lane (on the left or right side) so that other swimmers can turn and push off in the middle.
  8. Overtaking
    If a swimmer wants to overtake, allow them to do so. The center line is for overtaking. If the lane is too busy, allow them to overtake when you reach the end of the pool.
  9. Be cautious
    Always overtake with caution. Be careful to avoid collision. Never try to outswim another swimmer.

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