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All sports clubs, associations, organizations and individuals can get a complete offer, adapted to your needs. A velodrome, athletic hall, weight room, swimming pool, exercise pool, two saunas and a jogging track are available to athletes as part of their preparations, competitions, regular or transitional trainings and seminars.

The Novo mesto Olympic Centre is regularly visited by cycling, athletics, swimming and triathlon teams from various Slovenian clubs, and it is gaining more and more popularity in the international cycling and athletics community as well.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool complex includes a 25-metre swimming pool, a 20-metre training pool, 2 Finnish saunas, changing rooms and a grandstand for 200 spectators.

Swimming pool specifications:

  • FINA standards
  • dimensions: 25 m x 21 m
  • 8 lanes: length 25 m, width 2.5 m
  • depth: up to 210 cm
  • temperature: 27 °C ± 1 °C

Training pool specifications:

  • dimensions: 20 m x 10 m
  • 5 lanes: length 20 m, width 2 m
  • depth: 110 cm
  • temperature: 30 °C ± 1 °C

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Velodrome and Athletic Hall

The training centre includes a velodrome, an athletics hall, a weight room, changing rooms and a grandstand for 600 spectators.

Velodrome specifications:

  • UCI standard for the organization of indoor cycling competitions at all levels
  • Length: 250 m, width: 7 m
  • wooden base
  • slope of the track on curves: 44 degrees
  • slope of the track on straight sections: 12 degrees
  • length of the longer axis: 114 m, length of the shorter axis: 50 m
  • height of the track at the highest part: 6.80 m
  • height of the track at the lowest part: 3.30 m

Specifics of the athletic hall:

  • IAAF license to conduct athletics competitions
  • 200-metre four-lane circular track
  • eight 60-meter sprint tracks
  • long jump track
  • high jump area
  • pole vault
  • shot put venue

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The Olympic Centre is located in Češa vas, in the western part of Novo mesto, between the valley of the Temenica River and the urban area of the city. It is located right next to Zaloška cesta, the street which is one of the entrances to Novo mesto. In the immediate vicinity are the Novo mesto Development Centre and the Technological park, as well as the Podbreznik residential neighbourhood. The Olympic Centre is well connected to the existing transport infrastructure and can be reached from the Novo mesto Zahod motorway exit in less than 10 minutes, while new paths, tracks and bridges encourage citizens to reach the Olympic Centre on foot or by bicycle.


Welcome to the Novo mesto

Where to stay the night?

From sleeping in the vineyards to a prestigious castle suite

Regardless of whether you are looking for affordable accommodation or you are in search of more prestigious lodging, Novo mesto offers plenty of possibilities. Different types of accommodation with a wide price range are available both in the town centre and in its surroundings. The wine region of Trška gora offers overnight stays in comfortably furnished authentic Dolenjska vineyard cottages. On the other side of the town there is a green islet in the middle of the Krka River with the Otočec Castle – the only Slovenian water castle which has been converted into one of the most attractive hotels in Slovenia.


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Where to eat?

From authentic homemade delicacies to Michelin star plates

In addition to authentic and traditional local cuisine and restaurants with Italian, Balkan and other international cuisine, the Dolenjska Region also boasts restaurants that offer top-quality cuisine in superb settings. The world’s most prestigious gastronomic guide, Michelin also awarded “The Plate” award to three restaurants in Dolenjska. In the wider area of Novo mesto, you can also enjoy top-quality wine tastings, where you can sip the traditional Cviček wine, which is considered an enological specialty on a global scale, as well as other excellent local and Slovenian wines.

Vinska klet

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What to do in Novo mesto?

Discover the stories and images of the town and the Gorjanci hills

With a piece of carrot roll cake and a glass of Cviček wine go for some creative experiences in Novo mesto! Experience the authentic life of good-humoured locals – become the maestro of a wine cellar and discover the secrets of the traditional cuisine prepared by grandmothers in Novo mesto. Enjoy standup paddleboarding on the Krka River, count all the stars in the sky from under the hayrack, and indulge in the creative experiences for every taste, prepared for you by the locals.

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