Riding horses in harmony with nature

Equestrian centre Novo mesto

Horse riding is an excellent activity that contributes to physical and mental health: it strengthens muscles, improves balance and coordination of the body, helps with concentrating and reduces stress. It combines movement in nature and connection with animals and is a wonderful way to spend your free time and recharge your energy.

Two equestrian centres operate in the Novo mesto Olympic Centre: the Češča vas Equestrian School Sports Center and the Vizir Equestrian Association. Both centres offer a wide range of options for children and adults, both for beginners who take up riding for the first time, and for experienced riders who want to upgrade their riding skills.

Around the Equestrian centre

What our visitors said

My daughters like that in the Equestrian Center Češča vas, as part of the summer riding camp, as well as otherwise, the children can also take care of the horses. They can brush and feed the animals, which is where the real connection happens. In Češča vas, all children receive a warm welcome. They feel just like at home with Branko who is always in good mood.


The Vizir Equestrian Association offers ideal environment for birthday celebrations and other get-togethers. The location is close to the town and easily and quickly accessible, with the possibility of parking a large number of cars, but at the same time it is remote and in a quiet, natural environment. Children can ride horses, enjoy on the playground or simply run around safely. It’s great.


Equestrian school sports center Češča vas is where love for horses and equestrian sports develops and where a lot of knowledge and experience is gained. At the same time, there is a lot of goodwill, where people get connected and the riders mutually support one another. The equestrian center is getting bigger by the day in terms of the number of horses, riders and visitors. It is the speacial atmosphere that we all feel when Branko, Tanja and Jure wave to us from afar.


 Sofija Divac

Grandma brought us to Češča vas for the first time. Since then, our visits have become more and more frequent, and a love for horses was born, especially among children, which attended a riding school and participated in an equestrian camp. As many as three family members attend the riding school under Juret’s tutelage. Because we trust the Equestrian school sports centre Češča vas, Branko and Jure a lot, we have decided to put our first horse, the pony called Linda, in their care.


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