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An active lifestyle helps… to live

An active lifestyle helps to improve the functioning of all body systems and mental health. Walk or cycle to the Novo Mesto Olympic Centre, where you can run, swim, exercise or just relax in the shade under the trees.

An active lifestyle helps to:

  • improve quality of life and physical fitness,
  • control overweight and obesity,
  • maintain muscle strength and joint mobility,
  • prevent cardiovascular diseases,
  • reduce the risk of a stroke,
  • manage blood pressure and diabetes,
  • prevent bone fragility (osteoporosis) and reduce the possibility of fractures,
  • improve general mood,
  • manage stress, symptoms of anxiety disorders and depression,
  • to extend the time of independent and active life in old age.

Exercise as much as possible every day! Take advantage of everyday activities for a more active lifestyle by:

  • gardening, washing the car, taking the dog for a walk, using the stairs instead of the elevator,
  • going for a walk, riding a bike, enjoying dancing or playing ball,
  • including an active break in your work day,
  • going to work and run errands on foot, by bike, get off the bus a few stops before your destination, walk part of the way, etc.,
  • enjoying in nature that offers us plenty of opportunities to incorporate physical activity into everyday life (walking, cycling, swimming…).


Check out the outdoor and indoor recreational activities offered by the Novo Mesto Olympic Centre.


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