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Hippotherapy, or therapy with a horse, is a complementary activity to physiotherapy that takes place on and with a horse. The horse (from Greek ‘hippo’) serves as a therapeutic tool for transferring movements in the step. Oscillation stimuli transmitted from the horse’s back to a properly seated, well-aligned patient are related to human gait.

Horse riding is increasingly used for therapeutic purposes because it improves balance, coordination and motor skills, and increases muscle strength and endurance. The use of horseback riding as a means of therapy is used to treat a variety of disorders such as cerebral palsy, autism and lack of social interaction. By constantly adapting to the horse’s movement, muscle tension is stimulated and consequently also the development of supporting and balancing reactions that we need during movement.

In the Novo Mesto Olympic Centre, hippotherapy is performed in the Češča vas Equestrian School Centre, especially famous for their work with vulnerable groups. They carry out therapy for young people with cerebral palsy, for the disabled and other individuals for whom contact with a horse helps to improve their quality of life.

They will be happy to welcome you.

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