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Why is swimming good for children?

Swimming has many positive effects, which is especially true for children who are still growing and developing. Swimming is good for the development of the child’s skeleton and helps to improve posture. It is also an excellent way to prevent obesity, as we burn up to 800 kJ during this activity. During swimming, the child takes deeper breaths due to the pressure of the water on the chest, thereby strengthening the respiratory muscles.

Swimming and diving can increase the capacity of the lungs, which can therefore take in more oxygen. The activity is also beneficial for asthmatics, as the moist air in a closed pool can ease the problems that asthmatics have with sports and exercise. Due to the reduced heart rate, the child strengthens the heart’s capacity while swimming.

Regular swimming makes one happier, as the happy hormone, endorphin is released, which acts as a natural antidepressant. At the same time, swimming strengthens inner energy and brings back joy and optimism.

Children who learn to swim early develop mentally and physically faster than their peers who cannot swim. Swimming also affects the child’s ability to concentrate and speak, as well as social inclusion. At the same time, water has a cooling effect, so there is less chance of overheating in the summer months.

Water activities should be approached with caution for children. In no way should we force them to engage in water activities, but approach it in a playful and gentle way, so that children are not afraid of water and that they will love to spend their time in it in the future.


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