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Rules of use

  1. Shower before entering the pool: It is important to wash off before entering the pool to remove sweat, dirt or other substances on your body that may contaminate the water.
  2. No running: Running near the pool can be dangerous and can cause you to slip and fall. Always walk slowly and carefully around the edge of the pool.
  3. No jumping in shallow areas: Always check the water depth before jumping. Only jump in areas marked for jumping and make sure the water is deep enough.
  4. Do not use glass containers: Glass can break and cause injuries. Use plastic or other unbreakable containers for food and drink.
  5. No smoking: Smoking is not permitted in or around the pool as it poses a hazard and may be uncomfortable for other swimmers.
  6. Follow the instructions of the rescuer: Always follow the instructions given by the rescuer. They are there to ensure the safety of all swimmers.

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